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What is Naturally Lit

I believe every woman came into the world lit, but sometimes people, places and things around us can make us dim that light. I use mindfulness and intentional living tools to create high vibrations for women to live their best, most authentic lives. Living in alignment is a daily practice, one that can be joyful, affirming, and inspired when using the tools we all have within. During the 4 weeks of Naturally Lit, I will be your guide. Through yoga, journaling, meditation and more you'll gain the inspiration and insight needed to manifest a life more aligned with who you are at the core of your being.

To begin your one-on-one journey to Naturally Lit with the Good Vibe Creatress, you are led in a guided meditation and an intention setting session to set the frequency for your four week guidance period.


I absolutely believe in the transformative power of yoga. Stress reduction, improved strength and flexibility and mental clarity are just a few of the benefits of a regular yoga practice. During your 4 weeks, you will receive one live and eight recorded yoga flows to begin and strengthen your practice.


One of the best ways to come back home to yourself is to get still. When I sit with myself, even for just a few minutes a day I tap into a place of healing, of wholeness, a place where I can observe who I really am. Your guidance package includes 3 live and four recorded meditations in addition to the meditation during your intention setting session.


When taking a journey, I love to document where I began, the destination, and the stops along the way. This package comes with weekly journal prompts designed to encourage you to lean into your heart space and cultivate your most authentic self.


Naturally Lit is who you are when you are in alignment with your Highest self. If you are ready to turn up your light, I’d love to connect with you.

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Self Investment: $222

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